Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in Review!

So I might be a week behind posting my End of the Year post but we have had some really beautiful weather here in Texas so I have been off the computer and been outside.

While I thought back of all my craft projects completed in 2011, I was at first disappointed at all the things I didn't get finished. Then, I started thinking of what I did complete and there was a LOT!  I was going to put together a list of everything I completed but thought that would take a while.  Instead I will focus on some highlights for me.

Completed 2 quilts, made progress on another
Learned to crochet and made several hats, a few scarfs
Started sewing clothes
Sewing bedding and curtains for B's bedroom
Learned to sew curtains, cushions and fabric bins

I think the biggest highlight for me was going outside of my comfort zone of only making quilts and branching into the sewing different things and learning to crochet.

Here are my top posts from 2011:



Here is to an even craftier 2012!


  1. Cute bin and blanket! How long did that take you? Those headbands are darling!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I think the blanket took about a month or two working on it each night