Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project List and Finished Projects

Well there isn't much update to the project list so I won't post it but wanted to show a few things that I have completed the past few months.

 This is a set of matching crayon rolls for adults for Christmas.  I found the matching fat quarters at Joanns and then picked out some coordinating colors for the back of the crayon rolls

 Newborn baseball earflap hat

 Gray and white hat for my sister for Christmas

 Blue beanie with white strips for B(2)

 Brown Newsboy hat for B (2)

 Off White beanie for me

 Cranberry slouchy hat for me

I also joined a crochet block-a-long on my Crochet Mamas board on BabyCenter.  I was originally going to do different granny squares until I saw this adorable Lego Crochet Blanket from All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Immediately I knew that it was the perfect project for the block-a-long.  The goal is to complete a block or two a week and post our progress.  I am aiming for 3-5 blocks a week since they are smaller and pretty simple to make.  I went to Hobby Lobby and got basic green, yellow, red and blue yarn that remind me of old school legos.  I will make a bunch of blocks, crochet them together and then give the blanket to B.  Since B isn't quite into legos yet, my goal is to finish it by his birthday (October) and give it to him then along with some legos.  I figure by agev3 he will be more into Legos right?

Here are my blocks so far - the color isn't right by my camera broke so these were taken with my phone.

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