Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crocheted Baseball Hat

I am a HUGE Texas Longhorns Baseball fan, HUGE!  We go to all the games and even here in Texas, it can get pretty chilly sitting there for 2-3 hours watching a game.  I decided to make B a hat for the colder games when he ballcap just won't do.  I was initially going to do an earflap hat but decided a newsboy style hat with a block T would be way cuter.

 The classic Texas baseball hat is white with the block T.  The picture below is what the team currently wears.
Texas Longhorns White Nike Authentic On-Field Baseball Mesh Fitted Hat

I followed the Cheri Hat pattern on Ravely and made the rim a little longer and also made the hat a little longer to make sure it would cover B's ears. 


I then made a block T and kind of made the pattern as I went.  I did single crochet stitches and appliqued it on to the hat starting in the center and then stitching it on around the sides.

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