Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick and Easy Crochet Headband

Last week I made of pair of headband's for our little neighbor's 3rd birthday party.  The little girl is into dress up and pink and purple so I made two headband and a pink and purple tutu for her birthday party at Build a Bear. For the headbands I followed a pattern I found online and I could whip up the headbands in about 30 minutes and did a few crochet flowers too.

 The headband uses a v-stitch with a ch 3 and dc on each end.  The pattern was very easy to memorize after making it once and I made the headbands about 16 inches in length then whip-stitch the ends together.  I sewed the crochet flowers on top of where I joined the headband to hide the seems.

For the first flower I found this pattern on the blog Action Hero after following links from Raverly. I loved the way the flower turned out and will probably use it as my go to crochet flower for headbands and hats.  It gives great dimension and isn't too big or bulky but can easily be made into a larger flower if need be.

The second flower I made was a quick and easy one from Aesthetic Nest blog that I follow.  She actually posted the tutorial when I was working on these headbands and the timing was perfect. She posts some great sewing ideas and tutorials plus some nice and easy to flower crochet patterns for those learning to crochet like me. I believe this flower took me 5 minutes to make!  It is a great way to embellish a shirt, hat, headband, bag, etc.

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