Thursday, January 26, 2012

T-shirt Tote Bag

As I said yesterday, I kind of like UT baseball.  It's not like I skip birthday parties to go to baseball games or anything...

With the Alumni Game this weekend and the season kicking off on February 17th, I decided that I needed a new game day bag to carry all my stuff with me.  Depending on the weather this can include blankets, gloves, hats, sunscreen, ball caps, ice packs, towels, rain ponchos, etc.  

I took a large shirt that was too big for me to wear but I loved and turned it into a bag.  I followed this awesome tutorial from bijjou lovely and made some adjustments for the t-shirt size and graphics. 

I didn't add the additional panels at the bottom (even though I wanted to) because it would cover up the graphic on the t-shirts and we just can't have that can we.  My favorite part of this bag is that my husband was surprised I made it and said it looked like it was store bought.  I had some issues with the t-shirt material and getting the pieces the right size and to not stretch while I tried to iron on the interfacing.  

I love how this turned out but don't know if I would make the bag again with t-shirts.  I think it would easier to stick with regular cotton next time.  I would also use a interfacing that I can just iron onto the fabric instead of having to use a wet towel and steam to iron it on.  Using the towel and steam seemed to make the fabric stretch some which made for uneven pieces which of course made sewing and lining up seams harder.

I do like the size of the bag and the flat bottom. If filled, it can stand upright which is nice. The straps are also a great length, the bag fits just underneath my arms. Perfect tote bag size and I look forward to making more again (sans t-shirts).

Now if only baseball season would start tomorrow...

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