Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Loom Knit Blanket

Over Mother's Day weekend I finished the blue loom knit blanket that I have been slowly working on for about two months.  This was knit on the green knitty knifter loom with 2 strands of yarn and using an e-wrap garter stitch.  The blanket consists of 3 panels sewn together and was made using Joann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle Yarn.

While I like the color and texture of this Boucle yarn, it can be a pain to work with because it tangles so easily. Next time I use it, I will roll it into a ball first so that I can knit without detailing every 10 minutes. I put the yarn ball in a bag next to me so that it's confined and can't roll down the hall but has room to move some while I pull the yarn.

It feels nice to have this finished after working on it for a while. Now on to the next project!

Blue Loom Knit Blanket
Blue Loom Knit Blanket Folded in Half

Blue Loom Knit Blanket Folded Up

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