Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crochet vs Knitting

When I was planning inventory for my Heidi's Nest store back in January, I initially planned to make knit hats, scarves and blankets via loom knitting.  I had started loom knitting about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it and it was easy to do, quick, easy to teach others and also easy to keep track of stitches because they didn't fall off the loom.  

Once I started making more things, I thought that I should learn how to knit to make newborn hats and booties.  I taught myself but it seemed to take forever to finish something (even though I did finish some booties) and I was wondering how I was going to finish all the inventory that I had planned to make.

There seemed to be interest growing online in learning to crochet and I had always wanted to learn so I jumped in and taught myself that via youtube videos.  I did crochet some items and some items I knitted but after a few months I have really taken to crochet more.  I think being able to finish things faster helps but it seems that crochet is much more natural to me that knitting.

I think there are pros and cons to each method.  Knitting is better for clothes and form fitting items and certain yarns such as eyelash yarns, fun furs, etc are really, really hard to crochet.  You can't see stitches very well and those yarns seem to do better with knitting and are even easier to loom knit with!  Knitting uses less yarn while crocheting is easier (at least for me) to take out rows that I screwed up and not having to start all over again. 

I am still a beginner with both skills but enjoy learning and expanding my skills.  One thing that I haven't practiced yet is changing colors but I am ready to tackle that soon.  Once I knock out a few sewing things I am going to try and crochet B an ear flap hat for when it gets colder.


  1. I just finished my first earflap hat! It was really simple and it only took me about an hour and a half. It is size 3 months-6 months and I only used 1 small thing of yarn. I even added the little side braids. It is for a friends up coming shower...I hope she likes it. I just started an aviator crochet hat for both my is so cute. I think I pinned them if you are interested. I am going to blog about them soon and will post the links. Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. I will have to go find the pins. I think I have yarn to get started but need to find a basic pattern to follow first. I want to make an earflap hat for me too even though there isn't much of need for one in Texas