Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Sewing Machine!

A few weeks ago had a great deal on a Singer Perfect Finish Sewing Machine and Serger.  It normally retails around $700-$800 and I got for $350!  After sitting at my house for a week I finally got the Sewing Machine set up.  I did one test sew and then B woke up from his nap but it is ready to go!

Here was my former machine:

It is/was a great machine.  I have had it for around 7 years and originally got it as a Christmas gift from my grandma.  It was the basic $100 machine from Walmart and perfect for a beginner sewer.  As I sew more and try new things I wanted something that could do more.  This Brother had 21 stitches and 3-4 feet with it.

My new machine:
This lovely machine is electronic, has over 1300 stitches and tons of feet, most of which I have no clue what to even use them for!  It will be fun over time to figure out all these new things and expand my sewing knowledge.  The 1300 stitches include some basic embroidery things so I can now do at least names on blankets and such. I can tell difference in threading the machine and the pedal is 10x time better too.  Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference like being able to see your bobbin to tell when you are about to run out.  I also think the stitch regulator will make a difference and am really excited about not having to grab a pair or scissors to cut the thread each time!

The poor serger is still in the box but I have a few other things to sew first (including customer orders!) before I start playing with that.  I used my mom's serger once but definitely need a lot more practice with that. 

I really want to learn how to make clothes and I think with nicer machines that this will be easier.  I have tried clothes before but my previous machine did not do a good zigzag stitch close to the edge without bunching and there was no stitch regulator.  Now I am trying to decide which clothing would be good to try first.  I am leaning towards a pair of pajama pants and I want to use Robert Kaufman's Grinch flannel fabric for it.

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  1. OOhhh Congrats on the new machine! I know what you mean about the really appreciating a nicer machine. I had a basic 8 stitch singer model for 2 years and this year hubby and my boys got me a new singer confidence. It has more stitches than I know what to do with. It sews like a dream! Have fun with your new sewing goodies!