Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mom's Birthday Scarf and Apple Pie

My mom's birthday was over labor day weekend and since she didn't want anything and I made a scarf and also an apple which is her favorite.  

I whipped us this crocheted scarf in a few hours and went with the classic burnt orange (Go Horns!) as I know that color with always go well with her.  I found the pattern online somewhere but don't remember where so can't provide a link. The scarf kind of reminds me of some crocheted stuff from the 1970's but my mom was really happy with and really liked the pattern I chose. Now if only we could get some fall weather here in Texas, it was over 100 degrees again today!

I felt since the scarf was really quick and easy that I would also make her a homemade apple pie as a birthday "cake."  I used the apple pie recipe from the classic Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  I substituted butter for the shortening in the crust and made a little less pie filling then it called for since I was using a smaller pan.  I also added some of Penzy's Apple Pie Spice to the filling, I love that stuff!  To make things a little easier and also because my mom loves apple crumble and peach cobblers, I made a crumb topping (in the same cookbook) instead of the traditional pie crust topping.
A recent tip I read on the Pioneer Woman blog said to roll out your pie dough between two sheets of parchment paper.  This worked extremely well and you don't have the dough sticking to your rolling pin and don't wind up adding extra flour to your dough.

I don't have a picture of the inside of the pie because I gave to my mom went I met her for lunch and never even got to taste it.  She said it was very yummy though!

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