Sunday, April 3, 2011

Knitting with Needles

I have a craft background all thanks to my mom and grandma.  I started with cross-stitch, moved on to quilting, did a little needlepoint, tried some basic sewing and them got hooked on loom knitting.  I have been doing loom knitting for the past 3-4 years because it was easy to pick up, projects finished quickly and I loved making scarves in a variety of colors with a variety of yarn.  I made enough for me and then started to make scarves for family members, hats to match and knit blankets for friends.

This past Friday I was talking with my mom at the Georgetown Quilt Show about learning to "knit the real way" or knitting with needles.  That afternoon when my son took a nap I went to my sewing room, found the old Learn to Knit kit I had bought several years ago and decided to try and teach myself again.  When I tried before, I had less patience and YouTube wasn't around yet.  I took size 15 needles with some cheap yarn but the yarn wasn't moving well.  I switch to size 7 metal needles, cheap yarn and an hour later I had made a little 4 inch square swatch with garter stitch, stockinette stitch and a few rows of rib stitch.  I had a few mistakes on the rib stitch, mainly from not paying attention to well but overall I thought I did pretty good for teaching myself.  It does help that I had an understanding of knitting terms, yarns and looks from loom knitting.

While loom knitting is fun and easy, it can be fairly limiting after a while, especially when you only have a set of large gauge looms.  I am looking forward to the new and nicer things I can complete by knitting with needles now.

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