Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding Time

Isn't finding time the problem for everyone?  Time to sleep, time to exercise, time to sew or knit?  I somehow managed on this busy Easter weekend to find time to sew for about 30 minutes.  In between all the cooking, cleaning and Easter basket prepping I went upstairs and sat in front of my sewing machine.

First I had to clean or and organize my sewing table again.  The problem with a nice giant sewing table is that it can get filled with clutter very easily and fabric, yarn and interfacing get pushed to the outer edges and it slowly creeps back towards the middle. I decided to put away some of the fabric and yarn I had recently bought because I wasn't going to get to it this weekend so it would be better stored than lost in a giant pile. 

Instead of working on a project with all the new materials I had bought, I decided to work on a quilt top that I started 5 years ago.  This is a Christmas quilt kit that I bought at the 2005 International Quilt Show in Houston and the over the past few  years I had worked on it on and off all while finishing several other quilts and other craft projects as well as getting married and having a son.  Since it is a Christmas quilt I would push it aside and say to myself that I would finished it this coming Christmas.  Several Christmas's later, still no finished quilt.  The fabric is all cut out and half of the blocks are sewn.  The other half are organized and ready to be sewn.  I doubt I will finish it all right away but my goal is to finishing sewing the remaining blocks before I work on other sewing projects.  I guess we will see what happens and it I will have the quilt for done for Christmas 2011.

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