Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quilts in My Home - Texas Quilt

Some of you might remember me mentioning a new series on my blog a few weeks ago.  Well, here it is!  I am starting a (hopefully) weekly series of Quilts that I own and are in my home.  I come from a family of quilters so I have quilts that I have made, my mom and grandma made and others that I have received as gifts.  One of the things I love about quilts is that there is usually a story behind why the quilt was made.  As part of this series I will highlight quilts in my house, describe who made them and the story behind the quilt.  I think this will also be a great way to document all the quilts I have (which off the top of my head is just over 25). 

I decided the best way to start off this series is with my favorite quilt.  If we ever have to evacuate or the house is on fire I am grabbing this quilt (along with photos and such).  I call it my Texas Quilt and it hangs in our living adding a pop or color to our very tall (20 foot) beige wall.  
The reason this is my favorite quilt is 1. I love all things Texas and 2. This quilt was made my myself, my mom and my grandma who is no longer with us.  It is the only 3 generation quilt I have and it can not be replaced.  This quilt was 1st place in the Lee County Quilt show and got an honorable mention in the group category at the Austin Quilt Show.
I bought the pattern for this quilt from a quilt store in Amarillo and asked my mom to help me make it since I had to have this quilt and I wasn't near talented enough to do it by myself.  We also asked my grandma to help since he was the queen of applique and would do justice to those blocks. I did the log cabin and other small blocks along with picking out a lot of the fabrics and general colors of the quilt. My grandma created all of the applique blocks and my mom did the strips, lone star block, Texas star block, pieced the overall quilt together and hand quilted the whole thing!  My grandma actually picked out all the fabric for her applique blocks but it went perfectly with what I picked out, I guess we have the same taste levels.

Here are some closeups of the quilt.  You can see the fine detailing of the applique and also the different ways each block was quilted including quilting of boots, stars, longhorns, cowboy hats and coyotes in the border.  

 Handquilting in the border

 The Alamo

A Longhorn

Texas Star and Oil well.  I want a whole quilt made up of Texas Star blocks but I need to work on my skills more first. 

Windmill and some cactus 

 Lonestar block and Boots

Tree and State of Texas

Texas flag and Bluebonnets - the state flower

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