Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilts in My Home - Chili Pepper Quilt

Not far from my Texas Quilt hangs the Chili Pepper Quilt.  My grandma made the Chili Pepper Quilt as a wedding shower gift over 4 years ago for me.  My grandma loved chili peppers and always had chili pepper things decorating her home, including chili pepper lights for a Texas themed christmas tree.

I think my favorite thing about this little hanging is how it fits perfectly in my kitchen.  My grandma had never been to my house and didn't know of this little patch of wall space between cabinets, countertop and the edge of the wall.  Somehow, she made a wall hanging that first perfectly there and adds a pop of color and decoration to my kitchen.

She quilted around her applique and in the ditch and also added some quilted leaves and peppers in the white spaces.  I LOVE her applique, she was a master at it and I wish I would have learn from her how to applique.

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