Monday, August 8, 2011

Finished Curtains and next on the list

You might remember a previous post where I talked about some custom curtains that I made for a friend.  I finally got a picture of them to show off and I think I did a pretty good job considering it was really my first time making curtains, much less curtains with a lining in them.


I did a  white blackout fabric lining on the back. I love this photo of the back of the curtains and thought how the pink fabric would make a great border to a white blanket.

For the curtains I looked at several tutorials online and a few sewing books I had but came up with my own measurements.  I thought the tutorial on was one of the easiest to follow along as a guide for the lining part. 

I am now tackling curtains for B's room.  We just moved B (21 months) to a toddler bed and with that he is getting new bedding.  I am using fabric from the Riley Blake Wanna Be A Cowboy 2 line. 
The sheets are made of this:

The quilt will be made from this (minus the pinks):
Wanna be a Cowboy 2 2.5
And the curtains will be from this:$9.99__83653_zoom.jpg

I was able to get blackout lining fabric at Joann's yesterday for around 80% off!  I think I paid around $2.24 a yard instead of $7 a yard.  I ordered the red horseshoe fabric from and with coupons and free shipping paid around $6.72 a yard for designer fabric, not too bad!  


  1. That cowboy fabric is so cute! My boys room is done in baseball theme but hm.... I am likin' the cowboys now.

    My boy is only 11months. It is hard, yet easy, to see how he would need a big boy bed in less than a year.

    Love joanns (sometimes!). Yesterday I got 7 yards of a solid blue for a quilt back for 22$. Hooray savings!

  2. I love this cowboy fabric. I have had my eye on it for a long time but didn't have a need for it as B had plenty of quilts already. I got the jelly roll at a local quilt show and then got the rest when we decided to redo his room. I hope he likes it for a while but it will need to last a few years!

    I go to Joanns once a week or so and slowly get things so that I can always use coupons. I get them via e-mail, flyer and phone app