Friday, July 29, 2011

Project List Update

I have been crafting and finishing some projects this past week or so but nothing on my "official" project list has made much progress so I won't post the whole list.

I covered a bulletin board in fabric for our kitchen, made B some alphabet and numbers wooden flash cards, tried out several knit booties patterns (and found one I like finally) and got several more blocks of my Christmas quilt sewn together.

I have been working on this Christmas quilt for 5 years off and on and have 9 more blocks to sew and then I can start sewing the rows together!  Each year I work on the quilt for a little bit, saying that I will get it done this year for Christmas but then other projects come up and it gets pushed back again. This year I might actually get it done.  I have 54 of the 60 blocks sewn together and the other 9 are cut out and organized and ready to be sewn.  Then I need to lay out the design and decide if I want to do 6x10 block design or maybe 9x6 or 7x8 or should I use leftover fabric and try to make 3 more blocks and go with a 9x7 block design.  The original pattern called for 42 blocks but I wanted to make the quilt larger so I aimed for 60.  The original intent was to take it from a full size quilt to a queen size quilt but since then we have switched from a queen size bed to a king size bed.  I know I don't have enough fabric to make it king sized and since I bought the fabric as part of a kit from the 2005 Houston Quilt show, I doubt I can really find the fabric anymore.  Now I will put everything together and have a nice large lap quilt for our couch during Christmas time.

The timeline for this quilt is below:
July - Finish all blocks
Aug/Sept - Piece top together
Oct/Nov - Baste, Quilt and Bind

The quilt will be machine quilted by me on my Mom's professional Long Arm Quilting machine.

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