Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Booster Seat Cushion

We just returned from a short vacation at the beach and now it is time to finish unpacking and get back to reality which also means back to sewing!
Last week before we left for the coast I made B a booster seat cushion to help him eat at the table without his high chair and not have to go buy a separate, bulky booster seat.  It turns out that we didn't really need the cushion on vacation as the condo had a lower table and he could sit on their seats just fine.  The cushion is coming in handy at home though and we are rotating sitting on that and his hair chair.  He also loves to come sit on his cushion to read a book.  I have this floor cushion on my to-do list but I might move it up higher so B will have a cushion to read his books on and he reads all the time.

I came up with the idea to make a booster cushion myself but figured that someone else had figured out all the sizing and dimensions already so I googled and found a great tutorial on Prudent Baby, one of my favorite blogs.   The seat cushion size is perfect, the only thing I would change it to make the straps on the back about 2 inches longer so that it would be a little easier to tie.  The cushion whipped up fairly quickly and it was my first time using piping and I think pretty well with it.  I will probably make another cushion cover so if he gets this one dirty I can recover the cushion without having to wash the cover right away.  I was looking at Joanns at their PUL and oil cloth fabric to make one with but didn't like any of the prints available so will probably do cloth again.



The fabric, piping, and foam cushions are from Hobby Lobby.

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