Saturday, November 19, 2011

B's 2nd Birthday Party!

So the last weekend of October we had B's 2nd birthday party.  The party almost got cancelled since we had to take B to the ER the Wednesday before his party because he had a febrile seizure because of a fever.  He turned out fine, just had a little cold (with a big fever jump) and luckily was fever free for 48 hours before his party.  It did put me back a few days with getting the house and things ready for the party.

Regardless the party was a hit! B had a great time and so did his friends.  Since B is a HUGE fan of The Biscuit Brothers, of course had to have a Biscuit Brother birthday party!  Their show is about music education so the child activity, goodie bags, cake, etc were all music based.  I would like to thank my awesome sister for getting good quality images to use for the party stuff from youtube videos.  Since the Biscuit Brothers are small, there isn't any merchandise out there to purchase so I had to make it all.

The goodie bags contained 3 noise makers (got a bunch for cheap at Oriental Trading), a Biscuit Brothers coloring page (found here) and 2 cowboy crayons that I made using an old candy mold.   I put everything in a simple brown paper bag and sealed with some Go Make Music labels.

My sister made a replica of their Big Book of Music and the Mail Quartet Wagon for decorations.  We put the birthday cards in the mail wagon and will use that as decoration in B's cowboy bedroom. 

I decided to do cupcakes instead of a cake because they are easier to serve and easier for 2 year olds to eat than regular cake.  One of the Biscuit Brothers - Buford, plays the banjo and I thought a banjo cupcake cake would be cute.  I could find banjo cakes online but no banjo cupcakes so I had to figure it out myself.  Around the banjo cupcake I made blue and red cupcakes and printed out pictures of the Biscuit Brothers on circle stickers, put them on lollipop sticks and put those in the cupcakes.  Every time B saw the cupcakes he yelled - my show, my show!

For the activity - we made music shakers.  I did this activity with B a few months ago and he loved it and plays with his music shakers almost every day.  I thought this would be a good activity for the 2 year olds and some of the older kids as well.  With the 2 year old parties I have been to, most of the time the kids don't care about whatever activity you have. I figured with this we would have left over colored macaroni and plastic bottles to recycle if no one was interested.  I was surprised that the music shakers were a big hit and almost all the kids made one and several of them played with them later on.  The only cost for me was the macaroni and some plain white labels so it was a cheap activity as well!

We also had a music station set up for kids to "Go Make Music" and well as tons of toys outside for them to play with. 

I also made B two shirts to wear for his birthday party.  I used iron on transfer paper to make a "Go Make Music" shirt and a Tiny Scarecrow shirt (the puppet from the TV show) for his party.  He wore the Tiny Scarecrow shirt first and then after cake we switched him to the Go Make Music shirt.  The best part is that he can wear the shirts again and again! 

Lastly, I made B some birthday confetti cake batter pancakes on his birthday.  I even put a candle in them for him but didn't care at all and just wanted to watch The Biscuit Brothers.

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  1. So fun!!!! You really did a great job since there wasn't any merchandise to find out there!!!